Business Inventory Solutions

Why do you need a Business Asset Inventory?

An insurance policy does NOT provide complete and total asset protection for your business. In the event of a loss due to flood, fire, theft, or natural disaster, your insurance company will likely require a detailed itemization of your losses to substantiate your claim. Your insurance company WILL NOT hand you a blank check. Relying on your memory alone often proves a very time consuming and daunting task – as well as a costly mistake.

Why Home Inventory Me, LLC?

Our digital asset documentation services provide business owners all of the information needed to meet this requirement – to include: high resolution photos and video, scanned receipts/proof of ownership, warranty info, and the extensive documentation of all descriptive information on both your business properties and all of your company’s assets.


Taking the appropriate steps ahead of time will help ensure a smoother claims process, a quicker return to business as usual, and most importantly – a fair and maximum settlement.

Benefits of a Business Inventory

Protection & Peace of Mind

  • Ensure complete and total asset protection in the event of a disaster or unexpected loss. Focus on getting back to business as usual NOT on re-creating what you just lost.
  • Provides proof of ownership, value, age, condition, serial numbers, model information and additional descriptive data on all of your business assets.
  • Detailed/high resolution video and photos of your property and all of its contents.
  • Safekeeping of your inventory documents stored safely outside and away from your business.
  • Customized reports including an itemized list of your assets sorted by location, category, and value.
  • Rest easier knowing you have adequate coverage in place.

Save Valuable Time and Money

  • Let our trained & carefully selected professionals handle the detailed work of cataloging your belongings.
  • Proof of ownership and values of your business assets readily available for a speedy and accurate insurance claim.
  • Identify excessive/unnecessary coverage, which is costing your business money.
  • Streamlined/cost-effective process for annual or regular periodic updates.
  • Maximize your settlement – 3rd party business asset inventories add legitimacy and credibility to an insurance claim, resulting in less delays, disputes, and denied claims.
  • Speed up the claims process – A professional business asset inventory not only makes the claim filing process easier, it also effects a speedier, more accurate reimbursement.
  • Ability to replace vital business equipment quickly without interrupting business operations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

  • Business owners often receive property claim settlements 50-100% times faster when a digital asset inventory is in place.
  • Don’t risk losing 20% to 50% on an insurance claim due to your inability to remember everything you had nor your inability to prove ownership or value!


Small Tool Inventories
Office Furnishings
Computer Equipment
Vehicle Fleets
Construction Equipment
Business Brokers and FSBO’s

Minimize you’re loss exposure by making an Asset Inventory an integral part of your annual risk mitigation initiatives.

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