Personal Property Claims Protection

Why do you need a Home Inventory?

Unfortunately, a homeowner’s insurance policy, in and of itself, DOES NOT provide complete and total asset protection. In the event of a loss due to flood, fire, theft, or natural disaster, your insurance company will likely require a detailed itemization of your losses to substantiate your claim. Fact of the matter is, your insurance company WILL NOT hand you a blank check.

Why Home Inventory Me, LLC?

Our digital asset documentation services provide renters and property owners all of the information needed to meet this requirement, including: high resolution photos and video, scanned receipts/proof of ownership, warranty info, and the extensive documentation of all descriptive information on both your property and its contents.

Your Home Inventory Services come with (1) year of FREE Cloud Storage on our Secured Web-Based Inspection Portal and includes Anywhere /Anytime MOBILE DEVICE and PC access to ALL of your data and reports.

Our downloadable App (available for both IOS and Android) allows our Customers to easily View, Edit, Download, Print, and Share their information as needed.  Additionally (and very POPULAR) … Our Customers can also add new items to their Inventory (to includes images, details, receipts, and more) thus enabling our Customers (if desired) to basically manage their personal inventory – going forward, ON THEIR OWN.

But no worries b/c we will gladly schedule regular periodic visits to update your inventory OR come out on an AS-NEEDED basis if and when desired.

Lastly….. your Home Inventory Portfolio can also be provided to you in Electronic format (USB Flash Drive) and/or in Hard Copy form as well.  It is always recommended to keep a hard copy or electronic version with a Friend, Relative, and/or secured within a safe deposit box at all times.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!
  • Homeowners often receive property claim settlements 50-100% times faster when a home inventory is in place.
  • Don’t risk losing 20% to 50% on an insurance claim due to your inability to remember everything you had nor your inability to prove ownership or value!
What do the Experts Say?
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • RV & Yacht Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Landlords


Taking the appropriate steps ahead of time will help ensure a smoother claims process, a quicker return to normal life, and most importantly – a fair and maximum settlement.

Benefits of a Home Inventory

Protection & Peace of Mind

  • Complete and total asset protection in the event of a disaster or unexpected loss.

Focus on your family and a quick return to normalcy. Don’t waste valuable time and energy trying to re-create everything you lost.

  • Proof of ownership along with model numbers, serial numbers, value, age, condition and additional descriptive data on all of your personal possessions.
  • Detailed/high resolution video and photos of your property and all of its contents.
  • Confidence in knowing you have adequate coverage in place.

Save Valuable Time and Money

  • Let our trained professionals handle the detailed work of cataloging your belongings for you.
  • Maximize your settlement – 3rd party independent certifications add legitimacy and credibility to an insurance claim, resulting in less delays, disputes, and denied claims.
  • Speed up the claims process – A professional home inventory not only makes the claim filing process easier, it also effects a speedier, more accurate reimbursement.
  • Identify excessive/unnecessary coverage, which is costing you money.
  • Streamlined/cost-effective process for annual or periodic updates.

Solutions for your Collectibles and High Value Possessions


The protection provided for personal property under the standard homeowner’s policy is very broad, and typically includes coverage for your furniture, clothing, & appliances, along with ‘limited’ coverage for your unique & high-value items.

Antiques, jewelry, fine art, firearms, sports memorabilia and other high-value items typically require both an appraisal AND separate coverage via a rider or special endorsement to ensure adequate coverage.

Home Inventory Me partners with reputable & accredited appraisal companies throughout the U.S. to help you meet ALL of your asset protection needs.


  • Discounted rates, superior service, and the ability to incorporate any and all appraisals into your final home inventory portfolio.
  • Industry accepted appraisals without the need for another company or individual to visit your home.
  • Certified Values allow our clients the ability to better gauge their insurance needs, substantiate insurance claims, and helps ensure compliance issues are adhered to in regards to IRS matters, Legal proceedings, and Arm’s Length/Fair Market Value business transactions.

Protect not only your contents, but your home as well!


  • These changes need to be completely documented for insurance purposes. In the event of a claim, the insurance company needs to know what type of home they are to replace.
  • If you have over-renovated as compared to your neighbors’ homes, and lack documentation and pictures to support these improvements, you may only receive an average price per square foot based upon comparable homes in your neighborhood.
  • It is crucial to also have your insurance coverage reassessed upon completion of extensive renovations.


Furniture – Appliances – Designer Rugs – Clothing – Firearms – Drapes – Blinds

Computer Equipment – Television sets – Entertainment Systems – Musical Instruments

Jewelry – Artwork – Antiques – Collectors Items – Clocks

Mirrors – Rugs – Lawnmowers – Sports Equipment

Tools – Linens – Pantry Items

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